Greene is your migration velocity expert with over 400+ business migrations

What are your major pain points after acquiring a new business?

Maybe it’s managing the newly acquired IT teams and contractors? Or it’s aligning HR processes and operational differences? How do you get consensus on disputed best practices and standards? We can help you rip the band-aid off and make the process as painless as possible!

Merging two organizations presents many challenges, too many to list. It’s best when both companies’ IT teams are clear on a unified agenda to decide what to keep and migrate, as well as align on best practices as they move forward. We are here to help you with that!

A Case Study

How Greene helped a manufacturing/distributing company with a national presence streamline their migrations process


  • They could not keep up with the backlog of acquisitions
  • Internal IT was unable to maintain satisfied end users due to the workload required to meet company goals


  • We added resources for email migrations utilizing Office 365
  • File migrations to OneDrive, Azure files, and virtual servers
  • Server migrations to Azure
  • Hosted onsite assessments
  • Converted to Azure Virtual Desktop
  • Onsite migration
  • End-user support for all migrations
  • Streamlined their process for repeatable outcomes


  • Velocity of integration of new acquisitions was able to keep up with business goals and objectives
  • Internal IT was able to focus on exiting user support
  • Companies being acquired experienced smoother transitions resulting in increased user satisfaction
  • Reduced acquisition transitions by 25% or by 20 days
  • Reduced long term IT support costs