Greene can consolidate all your subscriptions and licensing

Streamline your Licensing

Greene can be your single point of contact for your licensing needs. It can be time consuming, frustrating and costly to manage the various licensing models and renewals. We will work with you to streamline the process of acquiring and maintaining the necessary licenses needed for your environment.

Vendor Management

Having just a single point of contact for your licensing means less confusion and a more streamlined process.

Save Time

Automate the procurement of your licenses to purchase exactly what you need and eliminate repetitive setups and assignments.

Save Money

We can ensure that the licenses you are paying for are reconciled against your users and devices, saving you money.

Greene AutoProvision is our software we use to synchronize your HR software and automatically procure your 365 licenses, create a user in Active Directory, and assign all necessary groups and permissions. Save time not having to manually onboard and offboard employees and save money be deprovisioning unused licenses.

We can customize our tool to synchronize from any HR software and even create custom workflows to create many onboarding tasks automatically. Get up to $5,000 off when you move your 365 licenses to Greene.

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