Automation & DevOps

One-click automation

What actions are not visible in your business today? What manual should be automated?

Traditional IT is isolated from business operations. At Greene IS we believe in the DevOps principals. Specifically, that operations and IT cannot be separated. IT woven into every business process from employee onboarding to every product sold providing automation and visibility.

Why DevOps?

Manage your cloud tasks with one-click

Get back to focusing on your work by automating your repetitious, error-prone tasks, lower your operating costs, and boost efficiency.


Maintain hybrid Windows & Linux environments

Update all systems across Azure and on-premise systems and stay compliant with the orchestration of scheduled updates.

Simple configuration management

Manage your PowerShell scripts, nodes, and update all your machines both physical and virtual – all from one console in the cloud.

Track inventory and configurations

Pull detailed reports to see all operating system configurations, track changes to registry, software, and services. Create diagnostic and monitoring alerts.

Continuous delivery & management

Use runbooks to manage your environment from end-to-end with automation orchestration to fulfill requests from DevOps, ITSM, or monitoring systems.

Make operations simple

Use serverless runbooks to automatically deliver services faster as your operational tasks grow inside your organization.