Empower Employees with Remote Workplace

Microsoft Teams - Revolutionize the Remote Workplace

Microsoft Teams is a powerful tool that can revolutionize your company’s transition to support a remote workforce.  

Chat, calls & meetings for today’s teams

Communicate in the moment and keep everyone in the know.

Integrated Office 365 experience

Manage all your conversations, files, and tools in one team workspace.

Customizable and extensible

Tailor your Teams workspace to include data and apps your teams use every day.

Enterprise security, compliance & manageability

Security, compliance, and management features you expect from Office 365.

We have extensive experience in driving value realization from Microsoft’s teamwork solutions. Let us help you build a culture of collaboration that empowers your employees, while adhering to the growing security and compliance requirements.

How can Greene IS help?

If you would like assistance setting up Microsoft Teams, we’d love to help! Our "Microsoft Teams Foundations Package" is the most efficient way to build a foundation for your organization to streamline operations.  

Greene IS Teams experts will work directly with your management team to build Teams structure, train your employees, and migrate data to help you get back to business as usual. 

We partner with companies of any size, any location, and are now offering a special rate on our "Microsoft Teams Foundations Package". You do not have to already be a Greene IS client, and no recurring service agreement is required. 

Frequently Asked Questions


What’s the best way to remotely collaborate and communicate within our organization?

With real-time screensharing and collaboration features, your workforce can collaborate seamlessly; almost as if you were sitting around a conference table together or looking over someone’s shoulder to view their computer screen.

Can we use conferencing with people outside of our organization, or with those who don’t have Teams?

Whether you are collaborating with individuals inside or outside your organization, getting connected to the Microsoft Teams platform is straightforward and painless. Simply share the Teams web link and you’re done!

What functionality isn’t included?

Computer software that is installed on the physical computer is not usable from within Microsoft Teams. However, all cloud-based applications can be set up easily.

How do I access files located on my physical, on-premise servers?

Since Microsoft Teams is fully cloud-based, there’s no need to spend any capital or hours setting up Microsoft Teams on a server… Microsoft has already got it covered. Greene IS can help you copy files from file shares to Microsoft Teams.

What sort of device can I use?

With Microsoft Teams, you will enjoy its full capabilities from any device: iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac, and web.

Do we still need a Remote Desktop Server (RDS) or VPN?

Microsoft Teams was born in the cloud. It is fully independent of any VPN or RDS requirements to get connected. Say hello to freedom!

How much does Microsoft Teams cost?

If you already use Office 365, Microsoft Teams is included as part of the basic licensing package. 

If you’d like to further augment your Audio Conferencing and Phone Calling capabilities, there is an additional cost. These features are summarized below:

  • Hold meetings and collaborate with individuals outside your organization
  • Provide employees with their own conference bridge
  • Ability to replace your current phone provider with Microsoft Teams’ full calling capabilities

What can I expect after Microsoft Teams is set up?

  • Organize Teams and channels based upon your departments, organizational teams and job roles
  • Move documents from file shares into applicable Teams and channels
  • Educate your teams on proper protocol for communication 
  • Practice with Teams meetings, channels, whiteboard, screensharing, audio and video capabilities
  • Collaborate on documentation creation and workflow changes
  • Explore other Teams features such as Forms, Planner, To-do’s, Chatbots, Flows, and PowerApps