Microsoft PowerApps - Automate Business Operations

The ultimate toolbox that enables you to pull data from various sources and build custom apps for your business needs.  Compatible across all device types.  

These are just a few areas where PowerApps can improve your organization:

  • Workflow - Employees use a customized app to submit reports and documentation
  • Onboarding - Create a centralized one-stop-shop for the new employee onboarding process
  • Inventory Tracking - Review, adjust, and monitor your materials
  • Workplace Scheduling - Enable users to schedule shared workspaces and offices
  • Event Management - Create, manage, and collaborate on internal and external events
  • HR - One app for employees to submit expense reports, mileage, PTO requests, and time sheets
  • Customer Engagement - Custom, sophisticated chat bot for your website. Track client touch points and marketing data. 

Greene IS has yet to encounter a business problem that couldn't be alleviated or resolved by building out a PowerApp.

If you find yourself wondering "WHY isn't there a solution on the market for this problem?", give us a shout. Tell us about your business woes and let us build out the solution.