How often is the server backed up?

 In general - All servers backup at least once daily and, in most cases, multiple times a day. Some of our clients have different retention settings and backup schedules. For specific details about backup please reach out to your Account Manager.

What files are being backed up?

Only files located on the Company servers are backed up. Contact Help Desk for a complete list of your company's backup inventory.

How do I restore a file?

Open a ticket with Help Desk and we'd be happy to assist.



How often is my computer updated?

 A select group of high-priority and security-related patches are applied as part of the standard Windows update schedule. Processing occurs once per week on Wednesday nights. Some clients do have custom update schedules which deviate from this. Please contact your Account Manager to get details about your Company's specific patching schedule. 

How do I know if my computer has the latest anti-virus?

Windows 10 systems are monitored by Greene IS to ensure that anti-virus definitions remain up-to-date. Powershell can be used to output the current status if you'd like to confirm for yourself.  Get-MpComputerStatus | select *updated, *version

For issues or concerns, please contact our Help Desk.

How do I connect to my computer remotely?

It's likely that your company has VPN, or Remote Access options. Please email Help Desk to open a ticket and an Engineer to assist you with setting up access.



How do I access my email remotely?

Most of our clients have Office 365 and mail can be accessed remotely at 

Otherwise, please open a ticket with Help Desk and one of our Engineers will assist you. 

How do I access my work email from my phone?

It's highly recommended that accessing Office 365 from a mobile device be done using the Outlook app, which can be downloaded from either the Apple App store of Google Play store. 

How can I identify if an email is SPAM or legit?

There are many indicators. The most common red flags are: bad grammar, strange email address, requests for passwords or personal information, unusual instructions, and/or "URGENT action required" language.

If you are still unsure if the email is safe, forward it to our Help Desk so that we can safely review it for you. It's better to be safe than sorry!

Do not interact with links or attachments if a message is not absolutely confirmed as legitimate.

How do I determine if I get an email was impersonated?

Typically, only the name will match but the email address will not. Also keep an eye out for email addresses that are very close in spelling but not exact. 

In some cases, the name and email may match. In this type of sophisticated spoof, it is important to confirm the email with the sender by phone.

If I click on a link and it asks for my credentials, should I enter it?

Only if all other variables have been confirmed. 

Were you expecting an email with a link from the sender? Is the site you’re being redirected to a legitimate login page ? 

If anything seems out of the ordinary, forward the email to Help Desk and we can validate it for you.  



How do I change my password?

We recommend changing your computer's password while you are in the office, instead of doing it remotely. This allows your computer to communicate directly to the logon server. 

To change your password simply press ctrl+alt+del on your keyboard and select the “Change Password” option

How often does my password change?

It depends on the specific rules set up by your Company. Typically, you will be required to change your password every 90 or 180 days.

Should I also change my password for my online accounts?

Absolutely, yes. Regularly changing your password makes you less vulnerable to account breaches and helps to protect your private information from getting into the wrong hands. We recommend changing online passwords every 3 months minimum. 

There are many password management tools on the market that can help you keep up with all of your online passwords. Ask one of our Engineers to help if you'd like to explore these options. 

Will Greene IS ever call or email asking for my password?

Sometimes we will need your password for certain types of Help Desk requests, or new equipment setup. But we will inform you about this far in advance. We will never randomly ask for this info. 

Whenever you receive an email or phone call asking for your password, you should verify the request by calling the person back on a verified phone number (for example, one that is publicly available on their website). 



Do all software updates happen automatically?

Yes. In most cases, you will need to restart your machine while it is connected to the internet. 

What is the difference between an update, patch, and an upgrade?

An "update" typically includes a collection of changes or improvements to be applied to the existing software version. Updates most commonly address new-found security risks, but they can also be used to introduce new features in your software. 

A "patch" is a small, partial update. Patches are generally used to fix a small bug or security vulnerability. Think of it as a bandaid for an "update". that has already been applied. 

 Unlike updates and patches, you will probably notice significant differences with the software's features or functionality after an "upgrade" is completed. An upgrade is a completely new version of the software. Think of it as a major software face lift. 



How do I scan to email?

This functionality must be pre-configured on the printer. And not all printers have the ability to scan to email. 

If you are experiencing issues with this, please contact our Help Desk for assistance. 

How do I add a printer?

Most company printers are added and managed through the server. This way, the printers are available for anyone in the company network to use. 

If you can't find the printer you're looking for, restart your computer and then try adding the printer again. 

If that doesn't work, reach out to our Help Desk for support.



How do I access my personal or shared network drive?

Open up Windows Explorer and click "This PC". If your personal drive is set up correctly, you will be able to find it here along with all other shared drives in the corporate network. 

How do I connect to my personal and shared network drive from home?

Connect to your company's VPN to access personal and/or shared network drives if you working from home.

Reach out to Help Desk if you need additional guidance on how to access the VPN. 

Tips for Working Remote


Recommendations if your Wifi is slow

  • Disconnect any unnecessary or unused devices from Wifi
  • Google for outages in your local area
  • Avoid using Teams/Zoom on your RDS connection... Download the application on your home PC instead.

Only have one screen?

Try using Windows 10 Virtual Desktops - 

Or use the shortcut Alt + Tab to quickly move from one application to another 

Greene IS - General Questions


How to request non-emergency service from Help Desk

Option 1 - Create a ticket via Greene Machine (Desk Director)

  • Click on your Desktop icon "Greene Machine", and click "create ticket".
  • Or, go to in your internet browser, login, and click "create ticket".

Option 2 - Contact Help Desk to Create a Ticket

  1. Email, or call (206) 639-2900
  2. The Help Desk ticket is then created.
    1. Include as many details as possible. 
    2. Tickets are assigned priority levels so that high-priority requests get escalated in the queue. 
  3. The person who submitted the ticket will be notified of progress. 
    1. The person will receive an email that a Greene IS engineer has been assigned to your ticket, as well as updates on progress. 
    2. You can communicate with the engineer through these emails if needed. 
  4. When the issue has been addressed and resolved, the person who submitted the ticket will be notified. 

How to request emergency or after-hours service from Help Desk

In the case of emergency or after-hours support, immediately call (206) 639-2900

How do I check on the status of my Help Desk ticket?

Open Greene Machine (Desk Director) and then "Open Tickets". Click on the Help Desk ticket to view more details. 

How do I view or pay my invoices?

You can also view and pay invoices through Greene Machine (Desk Director).